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1. How many STORYLANDS worlds are there?

Two worlds, Clinker Castle and Pirate Cove, are available now, and five new STORYLANDS worlds - Lost Islands, Fantastic Forest, Circus Bizurkus, Gumboot Farm and Larkin Street - are coming soon.

2. How do I know which books are right for my child?

STORYLANDS is designed for children from 5 - 8 years old. The 30 books in each land are numbered in sequential order - the higher the number, the more challenging the book is to read.

3. How does STORYLANDS help my child learn to read?

STORYLANDS is designed to captivate young children, motivating them to want to read. The stories build children's: knowledge of essential sight words; reading vocabulary; knowledge about stories - characters, setting and narrative structure. This increases comprehension, enjoyment and the desire to read more - the most important key to becoming a good reader.

4. Are some STORYLANDS worlds harder to read than others?

No, each STORYLANDS world takes your child from book 1 to book 30. Of course, your child may be more interested in one STORYLANDS world than the others.


5. Why are there questions at the back of the books?

The questions help children understand the books they are reading. The questions are based on types of comprehension - factual (answer comes straight from the text), inferential (answer is inferred, but not written) and emotional (answer require a personal response).

6. What are the quizzes for?

The online quiz is a test of comprehension, to make sure that children understand what they have read. Children may need to look through the book again to answer a question, which is fine.

7. Why is there a game with each book?

The STORYLANDS games act as motivational tools and as a reward for reading - the game follows the reading of the book. The games also add to the whole experience of the STORYLAND world.

8. My child wants to read the same book again and again. Is this OK?

Yes, repetition brings confidence in reading, and it is not uncommon for children to want to do this. If you want to encourage progression to other books, you could explain to your child that they will learn more about their favourite characters by reading other books in the set.

9. What do the level numbers on the books mean?

The numbers relate to Reading Recovery levels. This scale is used by teachers to assess children's reading progress.

10. When should my child move up to the next book?

When they are ready. In any learning situation, children want to progress and will do so when they feel confident of success. Your encouragement will often build this confidence.


11. How do you play the games?

Enter the access code from your book. After reading the online version of the book, answer the quiz and unlock the corresponding game. The game controls are easy to use.

12. What is an avatar?

Your avatar is the character you create and use in a STORYLANDS game. You can change the colour of the avatar's hair, skin, clothes and shoes, and give him/her a name.

13. How do you become a Top Reader?

The STORYLANDS leader boards reflect who, in the STORYLANDS community, has read the most books and who has scored the highest points in the games. It is a ranking system that changes everyday. The more you read and play, the more likely you are to appear on our Top Reader boards

14. Can I buy the books?

Yes, visit www.blake.com.au or contact:

Blake Education Customer Service
108 Main Road, Clayton South VIC 3169
Phone: +61 (3) 9558 4433

15. Do I need anything to make this site work?

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16. I forgot my password, what should I do?

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17. I have a different question, how do I get in touch with you?

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